Yet another keyboard for my Apple

I wrote earlier about the Logitech S530 Desktop for Apple, which I was slightly dissatisfied with (actually so unhappy that I gave it away).

Now I got my hands on the Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac and I have to say that the quality compare to the Logitec S530 is somewhat high, to a lower price.

The only two things I do not like is that it's a curved layout (can learn to live with that), and something which really really anoy me, which is a clickable ball in the upper right corner

which depending on which key you hold down at the same time as you click it works just like Expose. I would be happy having to press an Function key, but nooooo Microsoft absolutly had to clutter my desktop

But I have to admit, that over the years Microsoft have passed Logitech when it comes to the quality of the Keyboards and Mice they produce, and the driver actually works, which I've found with Logitech that it not always does.


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