Is Groklaw feeling the /. effect.....

I've been following the Novell/Microsoft discussions on Groklaw lately, and have to say that quality of some of the entries does not really enlighten me much.

It is especially comments like "makes me puke", or "boycot novell". Not that it really matters in this discussion. But when I compare the what Groklaw have done (and still is doing) in the IBM vs. SCO, Novell vs. SCO, and RedHat vs. SCO cases one can start speculating about if the success they have had in these cases have produced a monster.

With monster I mean it have started to attract the kind of people who would be quite happy to have their word on a public forum, but am not able to express anything usefull, to the people who feel that their success in other ways allow them to be obnoxious (where I come from we call them childish).

/. is know for entries from people with "extreme" views (always good for a good laugh), but as Groklaw have been know for having a very objectiv view, starting to get this kind of entries might cause the site to loose some of it's apeal as it might not continue to be seen as a serious place for getting information.

Many will probably disagree with me, but remember that opinions are not always formed by the people who have the loudest voice.


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