iPod Hifidelity

It looks like I've not seen it all yet - the Apple store in The Netherlands have a 'new' concept for sale. It's called an Fatman iTube.

It's a vacum tube based amplifier with an iPod dock, and a pair of speakers, it looks nice, but at the pice of €799, I'm not so sure that it's really worth the price

Also it looks like it is more designed for the folks who cannot figure out how to use their money, than a person who really is into hifidelity. In which case one would probably use a turntable instead of an iPod.


Alphast said…
Hi mate,

This is obviously horribly overpriced for no interest at all. I am pretty sure there are other (and cheaper) ways to get a decent sound output on an Ipod.
Casper said…

Yep, I really like the idea about a tube base amplifier, but I have to say no thank you, at that price (would look really cool in my office at work:-))

Also when one look at other options for the iPod, and dedicated amplified speakers - auch. I know that Apple wants money everytime someone creates one of these wonders, but why on earth would I pay more that €150 for a speaker set which is worse than my €79 PC speakers..... Oh well it's probably the same thing as with B&O - very pretty, but extremly expensive, and not much better than Sony or Philips.

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