Hack for HOT MacBook Pro

If you're in the same situation as I am - got a hot MacBook (Pro), which is not really a laptop (excpet on very cold days).

Well someone found a 'kind of' solution, there is a write up on MacRumors forum how to change a few things to get the fans to kick in earlier.

Some people say it works, some don't....

Update - 10 Oct.

There is a bit more going on; there is a discussion going on, on the Official Apple Forums, and here on Digg is another one.

I've written a small script which sets the fans to automatic mode, and minimum and safe speed to 2000 rpm.


sudo ./smc -k "FS! " -w 0000

sudo ./smc -k "F0Mn" -w 1f40
sudo ./smc -k "F0Sf" -w 1f40

sudo ./smc -k "F1Mn" -w 1f40
sudo ./smc -k "F1Sf" -w 1f40

You still need to get smc from for example here

Update - 16 Oct.

There are now two GUI tools which can do the same as the smc tool. Fan Control which is a daemon controled by via prefrences, and smcFanControl which is a program running on the desktop. I'll let it up to you what you choose to use.


Ingo said…
Ah...someone seems to read the same digg stories as I do ;-)

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