Triumph Tridays 2006

So what would make one drive 2550km (aprox. 1700 of these in pissing rain), cross 3 countries, I don't know how many mountains, etc. on a motorbike?

Well [stag]Triump Motorcycles[/stag] German decided to throw a small party in Austria which included a bit of drinking, eating, bike driving, sleeping (and I suppose that other thing which cannot be mentioned also happend). This small party is/was called [stag]Triumph Tridays[/stag], and with a bit of luck it will happen again next year.


The highlight was a group drive to the [stag]Grossglockner[/stag] (which I'm told is the highest mountain in Austria), the group I was in was lucky - we did not have snow, but that did not stop the rain (every kind of it which exist....)...

What else, except for food, beer, and ... oh, yes [stag]Kevin Carmichael[/stag] was there to show us mortals how to drive a bike (he is actually quite good, and a nice feller).


For me the road home too me over some more mountains to Zurich, Switzerland, and then up through Germany, still in rain;-)

Will I go again next year, probably....


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