So I thourght I would be smart to get an cordless fullsize keyboard for my MacBook Pro.. I've always liked Logitech mice, and thoutght that getting the S530 solution from Logitech would be a good idea. Well I kind of missed out on the not being a bluetooth keyboard/mouse I would have to use a USB dongle which I dislike.

Apart from that, the keyboard itself is a bit flimsy (very much like the cheap keyboards you get in your local hardware store when you get the cheapest you can get), the mouse is not too bad, but I find that it lack a bit on the response.

Overall it's not worth the money I paid for it, and therefor it will probably never get used - by me.

I'm now on the search for a good bluetooth mouse, and will probably get the bluetooth keyboard from Apple, as it seams that they still know how to make keyboards.


alex said…
i'm gonna get a m$ non bluetooth but wireless mouse (5000 iirc) for mine shortly, depends entirely on if it works by plugging in the wireless usb dongle into the back of the wired apple keyboard i already have. if not, money back :)
[...] I wrote earlier about the Logitech S530 Desktop for Apple, which I was slightly dissatisfied with (actually so unhappy that I gave it way). [...]

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