Safari bug?

Ok, been playing around with my website (, was testing it with firefox where it looked nice. Then I gave it a go with Safari and suddenly the colors of the background bitmaps didn't look the same. Strange, oh well I remove the background bitmaps, as it looked ok without them (atleast until I could figure out what the problem was.

The site is build with pixelpost using the dOLicHoCePhaLe template, and the colors in the bitmaps used are ok using Microsoft Internet Explore and Firefox, but strangely enough Safari get's it wrong. The background of the body is a 10x10 bitmap expanded using css.

So talking to a friend who know more about these things, he pointed out that png is probably not the best fileformat for this... back to the drawing board.

So I opened the bitmaps, and saved them as jpg and this time with the color profile (sRGB) embedded, bingo problem solved, it now looks as it should do.

Lesson learned; don't use png and when saving the bitmaps remember to include the color profile.


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