Linksys NSLU2

I've been having a box standing in a corner for years, which have been running my webserver (yes, this), my mail server, and my file server. It's a hungry beast, ie. it's a Intel P4, with lots of RAM, and more harddrives than I can think of (or wish to think of).

As I was not able to find my christmas present (Nikon D200 or Apple 15" Powerbook (int. english keyboard was the problem)), I decided to spend a bit of money on a few other things;; like a new harddrive, and a Linksys NSLU2 which in the first place might look a bit borring, but it's quite cool, and an external USB harddrive.

It have a few good things about it;
- runs linux
- runs linux
- runs linux

Which means that there are some very nice people out there who have figured out how to do very interesting things with it, like hack the firmware so that it is possible to install more programs on it. The coolest thing around is mt-daapd which is an opensource iTunes server running on almost any platform.

So after a bit of searching, I found home page of the deciated geeks;, got the latest version UnSlug, got it installed an bingo it worked. Then I followed the readme to 'unsling' (boot of a USB harddrive instead of the internal flash disk). Then I used 'ipkg update', 'ipkg install mt-daapd', modified the configuration file, and bingo I had my iTunes server running.

And it still works, I haven't broken anything (yet).

Now, earlier this month I switched ISP, which ment going from a routed connection to a bridged connection, which ment that I had to setup another PC to work as a router... The NSLU2 works with some USB Network Cards, what if........


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