Did someone say 'subversion'

So you're using cvs (me too), and is bitching about how anoying/difficult it is to control access, etc....

So someone told me; "oh, you have to look at subversion", which I did, and man was I in for a surprise - not only is it cool, but it is almost as anoying as it is cool.

First forget about running the subversion server, it stinks major... Do it with apache (2.0.xx), and then it works. Make sure that you read the documentation, again, probably more than 3 times just to make sure.

Oh, do not have more than one project per repository, that will mess up your revisions, which means that you have to setup a repository for each project, but that also means that you can control access per project, which is another cool thing, and at the same time very anoying.

Oh, forget about bugzilla, and viewcvs, etc. have a look at trac which does most of what bugzilla does, and a bit more. But as usual, the installation stinks, and the documentation is something you can wish for (or am I being stupid?).

And no I've only gotten to the point where I'm trying to figure out how things work.....


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