US and Iraq

I was in the US the week upto the Iraq war back in 2003 where I, as I of cause couldn't keep my mouth shout, ended up in some very unplesaent discussions about the issue.

I have to admit that I never was a very big fan of Sadam Hussein, and reading about what he did to his own people was never something for the a person with a soft stomach.

But currently there are 2000 killed US service men, we don't have an correct number of wounded, and the estimate of kille Iraqies are +30.000 (which I estimate is uncorrect, and way to low).

Now the US public wants to pull out the US army, and leave it to the Iraqies to clean up the mess the US left behind.

Eveyone I talked to before the war believed Mr. Bush Jr. when he told them that it would be a walk over, and it would be over in almost no time. See there is a lesson to be learned here; never trust any one who tells you that a war will be over in days, especially in a country or region where you are not popular in the first place.

Yes, Sadam Hussein was no good for his country, and he should be removed (well he was), but there are ways to do that which does not include starting a war.

If the US and the allies had backed the resistance in Iraq back in 1991 we might have ended up with the mess we have now.


Rodolfo said…
Iraq near civil war - Is it avoidable?
I have been hearing a lot on the news about Iraq nearing a civil war, and that it's only a few days away. Do you think there is still time to stop the inevitable? Or is it too late already?
Casper said…
One never knows, since I wrote this port lots of thing have happened. One major thing is that last week a report was released by a think-tank which suggest a hugh number of changes in the policy towards Iraq. Let's hope it's not too late to do something good, and make sure that the people of Iraq can get a stable life.

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