Is the US trying to pull a Florida on Iraq

So Mrs. Rice dedided that the vote for the Iraqie constitution was a ya.

Let me see that they have finished to count the ballots, and it will probably take a few days before they have finished doing so. So why this, well one can only think - but it looks like they are trying to pull the same stunt they did in the 1999 vote in Florida, where they declare that the Republicans won before the last ballot was counted (other things also happend, but that is not the issue here).

So are they hoping that they can force the wote with this? Well one can only wonder....

Also with Mr. Bush under a starting presure back home to pull his troups back out, a constitution in Iraq would definitely help, but would it help in Iraq? Probably not, but I do not think that Mr. Bush would have any sleepness nights due to that issue....


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