Emergency packages to Louisiana

Is it me, or have the US authorities lost it? I was watching BBC World while I was reading the teletext pages at the same time, and read this small thing which mentioned that the US authorities would not distribute around 230.000 emergency packages to people in and around Louisiana due to fear of mad cow decease - instead they would distribute them the 3rd world countries...... They also said that no one was starving, even because of this.

Now is that stupid or what?

I would be really pissed if I was paying tax in the UK....

Also there is another thing to considder, how can they send something to 3rd world countries if they do not want to have it them self - isn't that to yell out laud saying that the US citizens cannot live with the risk of getting Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease, but it's ok for people in the 3rd world to get it... Some thing is wrong...


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