Long ride.....

I should probably start saying "don't try this at home" and yes I do not alway think too much.

Oh well, I'd been up seing a friend in Stockholm last week, and decided to drive home Sunday morning. According to my GPS there is aprox 1400km from Stockholm to Rotterdam. I had two gas stops in Sweden, one in Denmark, one in Germany, and one in The Netherlands. On top of that the ferry between Denmark and Germany (45 minutes), and aprox a water stop every hour and a half - it took 16 hours, and aprox 100l gas (with panniers it does 9-10l/100km at 180+km/h).

I'm still amazed that I was able to do 240 - 300 km between gas stops - ok, mostly with one bar left.

And the best part is that I was still able to walk when I got home, which by it self is a mirracle.

I don't think I would like to have done it on any other bike - the more I drive it, the more I love it.

And I'm talking about my Triumph Sprint ST ABS 2005


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