Flitspaal (Speedcamera) and Garmin Streetpilot

So got yourself a Garmin street pilot, and live in The Netherlands?, and you don't like to get speeding tickets, because as you know there are a few speedcameras around. There are a few options for you;

- you can download a file from www.flitspaal.nl and load as many waypoints as possible (max. 500)
- or you can figure out how to create a transparet map which you can load on your gps.

Well I just spend a couple of days figuring out how to create a transparent map, which you can load with MapSource.

The files are here www.c-note.dk/gps-poi, you will need to load the flitspaal.reg to get MapSource to load the file.

I will try to make this an automatic update which happens every sunday, but until that... For starters I will try to do this at least every month.

Also maybe a way to install this automatically, but I don't think that will be very high on my todo list.

To install copy the files to C:Flitspaal (or modify the .reg file), and then run the flitspaal.reg. Then you should have a new map: Flitspaal NL. This map you can upload to your GPS. Currently this is to be considdered BETA and I cannot be hold responsibel for what ever happens to your GPS.

I will look into changing the dots, also it looks like the cameras are a bit off from where they are supposed to be, but I don't have time to check it right now (bike in the shop).

A small thank you would be nice: My Amazon wishlist


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