New bike....

I don't know if you know this feeling where you absolutely have to spend money, no matter what it takes, and you will use any stupid excuse to do it. So I was in this bike shop a couple of months agoe, and saw this absolutly beautifull blue beast they just got home (you should know what I working at), oh well I went home, as I did not think it really was me. I was then thinking about it for a couple of day, and went out there again, and asked if I could try it. Ok it was raining cats and dogs, and I was stupid enough to have my gloves on top of the jacket (nice when you break.....), and that was it. As I'm not a compleatly idiot, I was hesitant to commit to buying it, and said that I would think about it. Next saturday I was back, yep want it......

So got the paper work done (and got scrued on the price for my old bike - I'm not very good at these things), and was told that they could have it in apox 3 - 4 weeks, now acording to my calendar this is slightly less than a month. And when I ordered it on the May 14th, that would mean delivery staring June. Well I was in for a surprise.. It was delayed 3 time, and ended up being delivered June 30th.

See isn't she nice


I'm still breaking it in, but I'm sure that I will be able to lose my license with out any problems (well I know that already).

Just so that you know; It's a [stag]Triumph Sprint ST ABS 2005[/stag], you can find more about it here - Triumps Website. And no I do not like the red one, that why mine is blue.


Phil said…
I had trouble as soon as I saw mine. I had previously had one of these in the UK. A 2001 955i, I saw a pic of these new ones in a mag and said I want one. Found a dealer and picked it up end of December 2005. Please, let me know if you have had or are having problems. My one seems to have trouble starting and has cut out a couple of times. I have talked to another Trumpy owner and have been told that this can happen. There is a fault in the ignition system and these can burn out. If not under warranty, this can cost AU$1600
cpedersen said…
Until now I've had the following done to it:

1) Master break cylinder replaced under warrenty (14mm -> 5/8")
2) Blead the front breaks multible times (not since 1))
3) Panniers replaced under warrenty (leaking)
4) Rear hugger added
5) ECU program updated multible times....
6) TIres replaced at 14.500km (still BT020)

Still like the bike....

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