Trafic law, and how the Dutch are ignoring it.....

I live in a country (The Netherland) where it seams that the interpretation of the trafic law is more or less up the the single induvidial. I live on a busy street corner in Rotterdam, and standing on my balcony I observe how people (drivers of all kinds, and predestines) uphold the trafic law. As far as I was told when I grew up was a) RED light means stop b) YELLOW means you <b>should</b> be breaking right now, and c) GREEN you can proceed or drive, or start walking. Also these white lines on the road also sometimes called perdestian crossings, actually have a meaning; if you drive a motor vehicle (or bike cycle) you MUST stop for peole who indicate that they want to coss the road (more about that later).

Back to my local intersection, I quit often see cars, and piza delivery mopets continue even if there is a RED light, I sometimes wonder if there should some other type of indication of a red light, maybe like in the US where it says stop, as it seams that 50% of the Dutch population is colorblind, but then one have to take into considderation that many of these people might have a problem reading, which would lead us back to the primary problem.

I ride a motor cycle, and as this is as close to be suisidal as possible, I like the trafic law (except for speed limits, etc.), but I like this thing that I should be able to except to be able to go through an intersection where I have green light without being afraid of someone coming from either left or right deciding to ignore their red light, and in this case kill me (hasn't happend yet, as I'm sitting here writing this). I've even seen this done (like ignore a red light) when there was police around, and guess what they where laughing, pointing fingers, and absolut doing nothing.

As for perdestian crossings; I have to cross a road to get to the supermarket, and 1 out of 100 cars are stopping, which they per law have to. Not that I want to prove the point, but if I just walked out and they hit me, they will 1) loose their license, 2) be charged with man slaugter (see I know that I would probably not survive that).

But in a country where you can call a police office all kinds of names to his/her face a getting away with it, it might be easier if they decided not to have a trafic law, and let people sign up for a darwin award, at least that would it make so much more fun to watch.


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