Slimserver and 54G

As everyone know pulling cables around the house for networking is a blast (NOT!). I therefor got my self some wireless equipment again (used to have 11b), to power my SliMP3 (old version of Slimserver - <a href=""></a>) - which is not wireless.

I got a Linksys WAP54G and a WET54G, not nice looking but I was hoping that they where working... NOT!!!!!!!!

My SliMP3 was choking; strange characteres on the display drop out's etc. the whole storie - I spend 6 hours yesterday troubleshooting the problem, and some time today. And it turned out that I had to change the networking parameters on the Slimserver:

Maximum number of TCP sockets to read per pass: 20

Maximum number of TCP sockets to write per pass: 20

Maximum number of simultaneous TCP connections to accept: 30

Maximum number of bytes of audio data to send to player in a UDP packet (SLIMP3 only): 1400

I think that the issue is solved with the last paramter. First thing is that I use WEP which adds some overhead to the package (UDP/IP frame), and there is an issue with UDP and fragmenttation, like in <i>IT DOES NOT WORK WONDERFULLY WELL</i>.

Now I can listen to music again......

Oh, if you do as I do rip all your CD's get a slimdevice. Also another thing; get a <a href=";entry_id=23" title="" onmouseover="window.status='';return true;" onmouseout="window.status='';return true;">Plextor</a> drive they rock, and they do not have problems with the CD copy protection.


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