Assen MotoGP 2004

If you live in The Netherlands, and is driving a Motorcycle, then at least once goto once. I went there yesterday - I'm a sofa kind of person, and prefer to see events on the TV (close to fridge), but it's something one have to experice.

And of cause I brought my camera.....


And discovered that I need a really fast lense..........

... Missing photo ....

This was taken with a Nikon D100, Sigma 55-200 DX, 1/500, f5.6, and as you can see this is a way to slow a Lense for this (probably also to slow a camera - could someone please buy me a Nikon D2H, and a 70-200 f/2.<img src="" alt="8-)" style="display: inline; vertical-align: bottom;" class="emoticon" />.

At 240 km/h an object moves about 66 m/sec. This means that the bike I took this picture would move about 13 cm in 1/500 sec, if it was going 240 km/h, which it wasn't. But it still proves the point that taking these kind of pictures requires very expensive photo gear.

The cool thing is not the race (at least for me), it the drive back. 1000's of bike on the road. Cars play a seconday role in this, and you more or less drive like an idiot:-), but the police do not interfeer too much. It's a spectator sport, there are proabably more people at the road side watching the bike going by, than bikes on the road.


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