I don't know when this started, but sometime back in the happy 80'es someone had this wonderfull idea that it should be possible to anoy other people when ever they wanted, actually I think it was AOL - and they sat down and wrote an application which everyone should have on their workstation, and it was a must that it was running, and they had an internet connection (permently active!!). The name of that program is AOL Messenger - yep you guessed it - I really dislike it most of the time, that is as long as I can use it to anoy other people I'm quite happy - it's just when they interrupt me in my work it goes wrong.

Well some year later, or was it earlier (we will probably never know) someone figured out that cell phones could be used to other things than to call people (as no one had the money to talk for hours on these beasts) - you now had the option to send short messages - this was then called SMS (the last S is Service). I actually like it, the same way as I like AOL Messenger (or others of the same type), but at some point in my life I got to the point that: a) God made the woman out of a male rib (as we know he was called Adam, and she was Eve), b) Someone gave the cell phone to women (and it didn't take long for the women to figure out that it was way to expensive to talk for hours on it - as they like to do), c) Someone invented SMS.... I really like a) and b), but c) is a big no, no.

I really like to be told that I'm needed, and so, but frankly it can get to the point where it is too much.

BTW: There is now I don't how many diffrent implementation of Internet messaging services, even MS has one (which is know for being good for viruses), and some are used for telling you that someone would really like you to visit this website (...).

And even I depend on some of these programs, as I said I really like to anoy other people once in a while.


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