I don't know if you ever had this urge to contact your ISP's support line - I have had it a few times, and mostly with quite good result. But lately I have not been that lucky.. The whole ting started friday last week, where I knew that my connection to the internet was down (no connection to my server... very bad), so I did the normal thing reset modem, reset router - and when I'm lucy I have to reenter all the whole configuration for my router (I do not know why LinkSys doesn't provide a backup tool...). Well everything worked and off I went to a party....

Saturday, I could not figure out why I havn't received any mail (maillists are things which creep up on you, and keeps you down), so I did my normal test, VPN in to the Work network, a SSH connection to my linux box, and then # telnet ... 25 . . . . no response, nmap -vv -sT ... . . . . no ports open. Ok, then play around with the settings of my router, same result.... Ok, then call the support line, they did not know about any closed ports, but they would check, I gave them my details, and yes; they have closed all my ingoing ports - why??? Oh, I had had an excessive amount of relay trafic on my line. Well NO!! (which is one thing I know about - I work with thees thing you know). So I asked if they could reopen the ports? NO!, hummmm, why wasn't I told? Well they send me an email - to which email address? To: loginname@isp, well I never use it, and I just cleaned it out, cause: ~2000 junk mails - not their problem. But they would have someone call me the following monday morning (today).

Phone rings!

Me picks it up, and roughly the same conversation as above happens, except that I was told that it was on port 80 (what!), and I would have to fix the issue, where after they would recheck it. But couldn't you open, and I will be able to fix in 5 minutes? No! Well, the problem was obvisuly with mod_proxy (who would know), where not so nice people can connect to port 80, and then use the local mail system to send spam. It's fixed now (I hope), and I have asked the kind people to reopen the ingoing ports.

Just a weekend gone..... and I have learned that the Internet is full of not so nice people.


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