CD protection rant

One of the few things which really gets to me these days, is CD copy protection
I buy a fair amount of CD's and would like to be able to listen to them on my iPod, and on my SliMP3, which is starting to get complicated.

Lately I bourght the new Radiohead and Kosheen albums from Amazon (.de), I spend a few hours trying to rip them to MP3's .... not possible.

I do normaly not break laws, and I think (my oppinion) that I paied for this album, and should be able to play it on any device I own.

I would not mind to be able to buy music online - but the services which are currently available, do not allow to either play the music on diffrent devices, or you'll have to have Microsoft Mediaplayer version latest, or what ever....

The music industry took a very big gun and blew their left leg...


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