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Balkan 2011 – Part 6

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Day 23 (14/7-2011)

Well all good things have to come to an end, and sunday morning at 11:15am I decided that I had to leave, otherwise I would never get home again.

So I packed up, paid my bill, after 7 days it was 96€, I was shocked, but who am I do discuss these things.

And left (sadly), but all good things come to an end.

And, Polly, Doug and Ilvo, just to be warned, I’ll be back in 2012….

So off, direction Sofia, and then Belgrade…

The road to Sofia goes through some awesome nature, and unfortunately I did not have time to spend more time there.

In Sofia, I stopped to get gas, and was asked very politely by the gas station attendant (young man) if he could take a photo of the bike, how often does that happen… and yet another ice-cream.

Got to the border, and into Serbia, which was easy enough, wasn’t even asked if I had insurance (which I actually do have), got some local money, decided to change €100, which gave me a huge amount of local money – felt like a gangster in the 30’s (big role of doh). Went up through a amazing gorge close to the the Old Mountain National Park (worth another visit). And stopped for a salad (again), which should later prove to be a very big mistake. This one gave me an e-coli infection, next day, and the following week my whole body was hurting, and ended up living on paracetamol and water for 2 days.

The perpetrator

It was nice, but afterwards I don’t think it was worth it….

At some point I started looking for a place to sleep, but for some strange reason the hotels where on the oposite side of the motorway, and after the exit, without any signs.

Got closer to Belgrade, got to the peage, at around 8pm and it was hot, like hot, the queue for the payment was so long that I had to turn off the engine so that it would not over heat.

Then finally in while passing through Belgrade I saw a hotel in the distance, got off the road, and booked a room for the night.

Nice, view and everything

Day 24 (15/8-2011)
Next morning, breakfast, on the bike again, towards, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany….

Hot like in Hot, 37c at the Serbian Croatian border… and flat… which never stopped…

Got to Slovenia, where it started to piss down, why do I always have to get into these kind of situations. Finally entered Austria, stopped at Las Legas for a cola. Humm, don’t really like Austria, Austrians that much, and combine it with HD’s…

Found a self service hotel further on, got something to eat, and a nights sleep…

Day 25 (16/8-2011)
Up early, DO NOT SNEEZE…. crap (no not that way)… Did I mention that I do not really like Austria. You pay for a vignette, but still have to pay for some of the tunnels. Got to München, the Ulm, then Stuttgart, now next thing would be to find Touratech so that I could get a new left side pannier rack. They are ~100km south of Stuttgart….

Friendly people, very helpful, and yes I could have the left side only, and yes he would keep it until next day.

Found a hotel, something to eat (not really that fun at all… DO NOT SNEEZE)…

Day 26 (17/8-2011)
Last day on the road, I hope….

Got to Touratech, got my stuff, incl. a new GPS (Garmin Zumo 660), as my old Zumo 500 was starting to show the tolls of +100.000km on the road in all weather conditions.

After some struggling, and a bit of swearing to the pannier rack changed, and back on the road.

Got to the flat country (The Netherland), stoppe shortly to see a friend who was house sitting in the east of the country, and no thank you no food for me… cup of tea will do, still NO SNEEZING.

And arrived at home around midnight… tired, and happy to be home…

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