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Missing …..

Most if not all of the photos in the posts are gone.. No I did not loose them, well kind of – on purpose…

After 5 years I felt that I needed some new [stag]hardware[/stag] for my server, and one of the things I decided was to move all my photos to smugmug, where they for a very small amount (current $ € exchange rate is on my side) host my photos (have a look).

Therefor all links to photos are in the posts, but the photos does no longer exist (still kind of).

But, I’m now a happy man, current OS ([stag]CentOS 5.2[/stag]), some new hardware, and I don’t have to care about my server for another 5 years.

Apple Macbook(Pro) Harddrive Crash

There have been some writing the last couple of days after a data recovery company have said that all 2.5″ [stag]Seagate[/stag] harddrives made in China used in [stag]Apple Macbook[/stag] and Macbook Pro’s can crash due to a hardware failure.

The thing is that a manufacture can be unlucky and release a batch of “faulty” drives into the wild, and people using them can (will) loose data. The good thing is that if this happens Apple will replace the harddrive (that is why we have warrenty), and probably with one which does not have any faults. In the mean time, remember to backup you data.

Now the funny thing is this (not the loosing data part) is that at work I’ve had 4 computers from Dell which all of them came with 2 Maxtor harddrives. And of these 8 harddrives I’ve had 6 of them replaced due the a crash, and the amount of data lost on this is more than I want to think about. But Dell knew about this issues, and everyone who got a computer from Dell would have a catastrophic failure and data loss at some point. But there was no recall or no big writing on the wall for that reason.