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Missing your Facebook contacts in Adium?

There is a problem with the protocol [stag]Adium[/stag] used to implement the [stag]Facebook Chat[/stag], which means that some people have problems seeing their contact (they are not there…).

As of Adium 1.4.2 this will be fixed as Adium is moving to the new protocol – or they say they are.

As per this wiki page do:

  • in preferences, remove the facebook “account”.
  • add a “Jabber” account (as opposed to a Facebook account).
  • type in your Facebook username, followed by, for examples “”. You’ll need to activate your username in the account preferences (Account ? Account Settings ? Username) of your Facebook account, using the website. (I did not have to do this)
  • set the connection server to “”, on the options pane.

And you should see all your Facebook contacts in Adium again.