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AppleTV version 2

According to [stag]Mr. Jobs[/stag] people want:

  • Hollywood movies & TV Shows
  • Everything in HD
  • Lower prices for content
  • Don’t want a computer
  • Don’t want to manage storage
  • Don’t want syncing
  • Silent,cool & small

I am sorry, I could not care for most of these things, I want to be able to stream content from a NAS device, or just a normal file server, or if I really have to from a shared folder on my desktop computer. I do not care if I had to install some software, use Samba, NFS, or AFP – but I want to be able to stream content from a system which does not have to run iTunes, and I would like to be able to use codecs which are not h.264, and support for VIDEO_TS would be really nice.

Yes I really like Apple products as they in many cases works, but this is not really what I was looking for.

Sorry Apple, but this is absolutely stupid….

BTW. the case looks like one of the similar devices which is currently available in my local MediaMarkt

The Language

As a non-native English speaker it can sometimes be difficult or awkward to use a [stag]language[/stag] I did not grow up with (my English teacher actually failed me in verbal English – in High School). But it also makes me allergic so to say, to ‘add’ words to my native Danish – not mine (as it have not really developed for the last 9 years), but the language in general. I do not listen to a lot of Danish, I normally get my daily input from online news papers, and sometime I really get worked up over ‘add’ words which do not fit into the context or simply look like they are used by the writer just to “look” cool.. no good.

All languages have developed over the years (maybe except for Icelandic… they where cut off from the rest of the world for a while), and every language borrows words from neighboring languages, which means that in Danish there are German, Swedish (god forbid), English, Latin and so forth words, which have over the years found their way in, so that they are a part of the language, natural language development.

Thanks to the TV, movies and the internet it has now accelerated to the extent that people use English (actually American English which is even worse) words in combination with Danish where the words are used out of context. Which makes it very annoying for a native Danish speaker who is using English as the first language. It would be as using käfer (German nick name for the VW Beetle) when describing a normal beetle found in nature, if one would know that the käfer is a beetle (tough a car) then one would also know what the person would talk about, but otherwise be utterly lost.

Now in English it’s slightly different, here words are created (or developed) so that they describe something for which there earlier wasn’t a word, or simply because the object for which the word is being used didn’t exist before. Like ‘Social Notworker’ which is a person who is so busy with social networking (Facebook, Twitter, etc) that this person does not find time working (nerds are like that – non-nerds think so). Unfortunately these words also find their way into other languages, and by that pollute them, why not use local words instead?

[stag]Paul McFedries[/stag] have created a website for these words (the English ones); called [stag][/stag], have a look and see how bad it can get…..


Just a small note…. It’s “people” and not “persons”!

One person, does not become persons where there is more of them. They become people…..

And yes, my [stag]English[/stag] is not that great either.


It seams that I am wrong, according to a dictionary;

— snip —
ORIGIN Middle English : from Old French persone, from Latin persona ‘actor’s mask, character in a play,’ later ‘human being.’

USAGE The words people and persons can both be used as the plural of person, but they are not used in exactly the same way. People is by far the more common of the two words and is used in most ordinary contexts: : a group of people ;: there were only about ten people ;: several thousand people have been rehoused. Persons, on the other hand, tends now to be restricted to official or formal contexts, as in : this vehicle is authorized to carry twenty persons ;: no persons admitted without a pass. In some contexts, persons, by pointing to the individual, may sound less friendly than people:: the number should not be disclosed to any unauthorized persons.
— snip —

My fault… should have looked it up before I started complaining.

When is a “word” a trademark

A story came up on the Danish newspaper Politiken, that [stag]Mel Gibson[/stag] have stopped a small danish brewery (Midtfyns Bryghus) from producing a beer by the name of “[stag]Braveheart[/stag]“, as he thinks that he owns that word….

In my humble oppinion this thing where ‘famous’ people can decide to trademark words which has to do with what ever roles they have played in good or bad movies is starting to go over the top.

So maybe “drunk”, and “alcoholic” will be the next Mr. Gibson will trademark?

Blog comments

‘[stag]Blog comments[/stag]‘ you say, well let me tell you I love them, they are simply adorable, and they make me think that someone out there actually read my blog – the only thing I have an issue with are comments like:

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Which is not why I allow comments to my small, so if you’re one of the people who send me these offers, please stop as I don’t have any interest in them.

Now I’m on the subject on ‘Blog [stag]spam[/stag]‘ or ‘email spam’, I read somewhere that most of all spam originates from the [stag]US[/stag], [stag]Korea[/stag], and [stag]China[/stag]. Now the interesting thing is that one can actually go to jail in the US for sending [stag]unsolicited email[/stag] – maybe they should start building more prisons:-)

Customer service – not….

I’m in the middle of a house move, well actually I’m moving in two week, and like to have everything preprepared. That is utility billes, etc., and one small thing my internet connection!!!

I’ve been using a farly cheap provider the last year (Speedlinq (bbned) in The Netherlands) which I’ve been quite happy with, they give me a connection to the outside world, and they let me have my server at home (it’s in a room next door). But this Wednesday I send them a letter notifying them that I would move in two weeks, and would like them to move the connection the same day as my phone line would get moved.

Right, that should not be a problem you say.

Well I got up this morning and no connection, well thay could be an issue with the connection – went off painting my new place, and go back this evening, still no connection….

Call the helpdesk, and was told that the connection already was moved – WHAT!! – sorry have to talk to some other people, and they are called administrative people (bureaucrats in other words). First girly on the phone tried to get alone the line of “this is normal, and you just have to live without an internet connection for the next 2 – 3 weeks), not that I’m an impolite person, but there are limits. I ask to talk to her manager, which was refused (see there are good things about working in a callcenter), after refusing that answer a couple of times, and being very persistent, I finally go someone on the phone, whome I think was the manager, and told the same story; “move my connection back to my current address now! – please!”. No can do and you are just (fucked), and have to live with. Well the whole thing ended with me canceling my connection with them (by the end of February), and went out seaching for a new one.

There are a lot of things one can do with out internet, but one thing is not possible, find a new provider. It’s like you need internet to get a connection (or just find information about it), which is like the chicken and egg thing – which did not improve much on my happiness (to say the least).

Well I ended up going to the cableTV shop (yes I have cableTV – and never really use it), but they gave me a box with a modem in it (and lots of cables), which I connected after coming home from the pub (please don’t tell the old lady that I had one pint to many), and hey it worked….

So instead of connecting my computer, I connected my router, it still worked, then I went so far as changing my DNS (domain name services, names to number, or what ever), and I now have my website back online, and I’m receving mail (not that is interesting for you – except that you can now send mail to me – again).

But back to my point, first this should not have happened, and second they should have told me that they would move back my connection first coming weekday (monday), but nooooo…. I for one can only say one thing stay clear of anything which have to do with Speedlinq, and especially bbned (in The Netherlands).

Seams like one still run into incredible bad customer service once in a while…..

On the travel with Planes

I don’t know if you have had the great enjoyment of traveling with planes lately?

Well first, if you don’t know; our people elected representatives in Brussels did come up with what they call a ‘great’ idea, which means that we (that is us who normally do use planes on a regular basis to go away for one or two nights) are no longer allowed to do as we normally do (or at least I do). That is I normally fill up my toiletbag with what I need, and dump it in my selected pice of luggage (which either is a trollybag or a backpack), go to the nice lady in the airport, get a boarding pass and enjoy my days away…

Not any more, no we cannot take anything with us which contain more than 100ml of fluid, and all off the tubes, etc. have to fit in to a plastic bag which is 1000ml in size – great… Not!

I’ve been thinking about going to Brussels airport (that is the one our elected representatives use every week) to see if they actually have to do the same, but then again, they all have an apartment (or something more fancy) where they can keep these thing, and therefor do not need to carry it with them.

Now, the week before last I had to goto Zyrich (that is in Switzerland), and I was in a hurry, so I had to get some stuff in the tax free so that I could get a shower the next day, that was fine, at the shop they did put it in a sealed bag, which made it possible for me to carry it with me on the plane….. That is next day flying back it was confiscated, as it was more than 100ml (taxfree shops will have an exelent time).

Then whole thing comes down to, someone in England got a great idea, which non of us liked too much (as they played around with chemestry), but then our elected representatives in Brussels went over board. I for one do not enjoy flying anymore – I don’t know what is worst; having to show the people around me what I have in my bathroom, or just the idea of stupidity……