Balkan 2012 – part 3


So when does the adventure start, well not really yet. The Northern part of Serbia is flat, just like Southern part of Hungary, “hey there is a corn field, and a sunflower field … and another corn field…”, and the road are kind of strait, and very borring.

Got to Novi Sad, which looks kind of interesting, especially the old part of town on the south side of Donau, but that would be for another day. I was on my way to Romania. I got out of Novi Sad, on the way to Romania, and after a couple of hours of more corn fields I started looking for a place to sleep – preferably a hotel. Non to be found, and no place to do wild camping (fields every where), finally got to VrÅ¡ac, where I found a “cheap” bed at the Hotel Srbija, had better beds, but the shower was working, and food was in walking distance. Ended the day with a massive Lasagna.

While I was updating my GPS, and in general just poking around, I got a “where are you?” on chat from Andreas (friend from Germany), as I in general have a problem where I in general are, it took a bit of time to tell him. 2 seconds later I got a link to google maps with a route to where he was (Temska, south east of Serbia)…. some 380km away, well Romania will also be there next year, so why not.

Next day, instead of going to Romania I went south… and started to see a bit more green stuff…

Got over the Donau, and decided that it’s not only in Romania where there are disel fumes to be found, but also in Serbia. Well go in to the mountains, and had a blast of a drive for around 200 km. The mountains start roughly at the Donau, and continues, and continues south… the whole way down. I just enjoyed it.

As I got closer to Temska the “big hills” started to transform into “bigger hills”, even better…

So the only thing Andres had told me was that I just had to stop at the grocery shop and ask for him (as every one know Andreas…), so I stopped at the first shop (he did not mention that there where two of them), went in, got a bottle of water, and asked for him … Imagine you goto New York, and ask for Donald Duck… yes… I was the moron. Then I remembered that it had to do with camp, and asked again, and “ahhhh, da,da, go right… ~200m, big sign…”, I thanked, and left. While I was drinking the water Andreas showed up… Mad world..

So this whole thing was a youth camp (and I am very old), where young people from all over the world show up to help clean the forest for some asian trees which grow like weed. I arrive the last day, and almost everyone was gone. Interesting collection of people.

I got unpacked, tent pitched, and suddenly turned around and a handful of kids where looking at my bike, like drooling … So I got everything off the bike (which was not bolted down), and put it on the center stand… and told them that yes they could sit on it, but only two at a time….

It was kind of amazing, for the 1 and half day, they spend the better part of 4 hours on that bike, and everything which could be explained, was explained, and touched, etc, etc, they had a great time (so did I).

Sasha (RIP) a friend of Andreas and Andreas decided that 1) I had to go to the beach with them (right) (it’s a bar next to the river/stream), 2) next day I had to goto the waterfall with them, etc, etc.

So 1) was accomplished, they play loud electronic music, and people drink (a bit), otherwise quite nice, and one can run into interesting/nice people (women)

(Sonja & Andreas)

2) next day they dragged me around the village, for no obvious reason, and then we went to the hydro power plant… build sometime early in the 1900’s, but still very interesting (and deadly).

That evening there was a BBQ, yummy, awesome food … at some point one of the locals (who was fairly drunk at that point) wanted me to have a beer, which as I don’t dring alcohol politely said “no thank you” to, I was then offered Rakia, which I also politely declined. I was then told that men who do not drink alcohol are no men… sure…

Andreas at that point had been pinned down by two, not very nice woman, and a gent, who was wearing black t-shirts with something which looked like swastika’s printed on them. Over 3 hours he was told (in not very good English), that everything was the fault of the Germans, and if not them the EU, and if not the EU, the the USA, or the English, or the Danish…. least of all it was not the Serbians who was at fault of anything… Interesting, I felt very sorry for him.

I almost forgot, at some point before the BBQ started, one of the girls asked if I would give her a ride on the bike, as she had no helmet I declined, but Andreas the adventure he is said yes. As he had parked his bike in the middle of a crowd I handed him the keys to the BEEMer, now imagine he can just touch the ground, and this girl is not one of the smallest, she puts her foot on the pilon footrest, and start lifting her self up… Andreas sudden very surprised discovers what she is doing and looses connection to the ground and the bike flips (first scratch, than you so much). Gravity sucks :D

I stayed up talking to people until late, and had a good sleep.

I got up next morning, started packing, and just before I left, went over to Andreas’s tent to tell him that I was leaving…. he looked like something the cat dragged in the night before, after playing with it the whole night… HA,HA,HA…

We had been told that there was a new border crossing towards Belogradchik (Bulgaria), I could not find it (and was later told it’s only in planning), so down to Nis, and turn left towards Bulgaria… passed the place where I got introduced to e-coli last year.. and to the border…

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