Balkan 2011 – Part 5

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Day 16 (7/8-2011)
Pack, set ready, next Stop Moto Camp Bulgaria, which I’ve heard lots of nice things about.

Some nice roads

Some nice scenery

And a few monuments

I stopped at one point to get some gas, and noticed while I was eating yet another ice-cream, that my left side pannier was kind of off. After some inspection I discovered that when I was hit from behind the whole panier rack had been move 3cm forward, and 2cm up, and the pannier itself was bend quite heavily. Blast, not what I expected (and should have seen earlier). But things happen, and I was still in one piece and on vacation.

Arrived at the Moto Camp (not that easy to find, with missing signs.. they disappear, ie. people steal them). But was introduced to the puppy (Harley – Doug likes, if not love Harley Davidson bikes), and the putty cat, who is the master of the place, and knows it.


who is also an escape artist… She is permanently depressed as not enough people want to play…

Was given the option of a room, and that was it. Decided that I’d probably stay for 2 – 3 days, you know just to relax a bit.

Day 17 – 22 (8 – 13/8-2011)
Motocamp……. yes, I know, not 2 -3 days. Way to nice, and relaxing.

The place is in the middle of know where between Sevlievo and Veliko Tarnovo, in Idilevo, a small village, where nothing happens, except when bikers arrive or leave, or just ride around.

The place is owned by Polly and Doug (Bulgarian, American couple), with the help of Ilvo. While I was there, Doug was on yet another trip to somewhere (Russia, Magadan), but I didn’t mind to much – Polly didn’t yell at me that much, anyway (do not say stupid things without being told off).

Tough lady…

and the local kids love her …

One of the long term residents show up next day (I think), Andreas a German who show up, stay for a couple of days, then bogger off to somewhere (leaving his stuff behind), then show up again… btw. he is a cool dude, done the most amazing things, and have a very cool bike (Yamaha TT600R Belgarda, drooll…, if I lived in a place where one could do more gravel and off road I would get one of those). First time he showed at the Moto Camp it was for a few days and ended up staying for a month.

Weather was pleasant to very hot, ~30c to 37c, then after a few days drop to 25c and rain for a day, then back up, just as I like it.

One of the things I discovered is that food in Bulgaria is great, very great actually. My favorite dish is Moussaka, it’s like one can’t get enough of it… very bad as on can only eat that much.

I went for a ride with Andreas and Svetlana to a typical village nearby, and had even more great food…. (when does it stop), and I was loosing weight (what’s wrong what that country).

And went for a small ride around the area, one could spend weeks just running around on the bike….

Not everything is perfect, the country does not have any money, and people struggle.

But most people are friendly, and very welcoming. As long as one keep away from the tourist areas.

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