Balkan 2011 – Part 4

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Now one would think that would be the difficult, it’s not, 2 minutes and done, welcome. Only exception I had to pay €6 euro for some kind of health tax, something one can live with (I think).

Right, so what next, well the plan was to get to Belogradchik to see the famous rocks.

Well they are kind of interesting

One of the things which I learned the very scary and almost fatal way, is that in Bulgaria they do not use salt during the winter, they use sand, and they to not remove it again… two very big wobbles laster, and I decided that Bulgaria is not the place one should go to get ones “chicken strips” removed.

Found a hotel (Hotel Rock), and went for a walk, nice town, could stay for a few days, but will continue tomorrow.

At this point, I would say that Bulgaria is nicer than Romania, more green stuff, cleaner, and nicer people.

And the food… ooohh. Had a salad, Ovcharska salata… ohhh, not the last one

Day (4/8-2011)
Just a day to enjoy, started out early, and just followed the road to Veliko Tarnovo, and as Loney Planet say nice things about it, I checked into Grand Hotel (due to the view..), bad idea, my room was on top of the restaurant, where it seams they have live music every day until 12pm, I did complain, and I left next day….

Had a walk around, and yes, it’s a nice place, and pleasant people.

Had yet another salad…

Day 14 (5/8-2011)
As I decided to leave a day early, I made an informed decision on to goto the Black Sea (wouldn’t hurt would it).

Everything was going just find until a bit T-junction, where I had to stop, and the idiot in the car behind me didn’t … didn’t look too back on the bike, a panier slightly bend, and a massive scratch on the car (me happy’ish) (2 days later ….), but got the number plate if something else would show. So if someone know someone show is driving a Honda with plate CD-669D in Bulgaria, tell him that he’s a fool….

Some time afterwards I ran into some Bulgarian bikers, who where on the way to a bikers rally at the Black Sea, and drove with them until Varna (they where insane… what trafic rules!!!), but incredible friendly.

I went south from Varna, and ended up at a camping, in the rain, and got my self a hut for 2 nights.. at €20.. not too bad one would think.

But, uu, iiihhh, dirty… Moved the bed linnen with 2 fingers, and got my sleeping bag. And the toilet/shower was even worse.

Got to talk to an elderly couple from Switzerland, and after some food went to bed (not really nice that is), but had a good long nights sleep.

Day 15 (6/8-2011)
At the beach… and glad that I’m not fond of swimming as the water is blood cold.

Otherwise just reading, eating, and sleeping a bit…

And just enjoying the view of the locals…

And irking over the russians in torpedoes… so 70’s.

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