Balkan 2011 – Part 3

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Day 11 (2/8-2011)
Got up, now for the fun stuff (right, sometimes one should not look forward to things which might come). The Transalpina is an interesting ride. The conditions change, as they are working on it, as in laying tarmac and removing it again.

In 2011 the North side was great, new tarmac, and great bends… south side is something else…

15% decend, around a sharp corner, no tarmac, just disappear, and a drop of 20cm, it would only reappear some kilometers later… in rain – no fun… Only thing which saved my ass was the ABS.

Turned right where most people turn left (don’t really know where it is), but got out of the mountains for a short while and got on the DN67d, which would take me to the Donau (Iron Gate). What an awesome, excellent nature, fairly good road, and no traffic.

Got to the Iron Gate, only to figure, that to get out onto the dam, one have to pass into Serbia (not on the program today, sorry). Stopped at the next hotel (Hotel Tudor), and yet another good looking receptionist (if I only was in my 20’s), who’s sister strangely enough works in Denmark (if you ever meet her, say hi from me).

These Eastern Europe hotels, are very strange, the restaurants/dining rooms, are as big as ball rooms, but there are hardly anyone there, it’s very weird to be the only one in a room the size of a stadium.

Nice sunset….

Day 12 (3/8-2011)
Last day in Romania… would I come back, probably…
Got lost, and ended up driving a 100km detour, goes with the territory (give me an GPS, and I’ll show you how to get lost). Followed the Donau to the first river crossing into Bulgaria.

And “where is the boat” ?

As I like big structures (me a boy) I wanted to have a picture of this big dam/lock I saw on D56B (N44 19.107 E22 34.143), but a guard with a very big pice of metal on his hip was saying “NO” when I said “photo”… so no photo…

Got to Calafat to take the ferry to Bulgaria…. right

There are times in life where one really have to decided if one should not just find another way…….

Well got on the “boat” and got to talk to a young Bulgarian in a Merc with UK plates, him and the girlfriend was on the way back home for vacation.. and he agreed that driving in Romania is interesting.

Bulgaria here we come…..

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